The Do What U Luv Foundation focuses on promoting the importance of creative learning and imagination for youth and community development by organizing creative programs, such as art, dance, martial-art and yoga, through partnerships with local school boards.


Today’s youth generation is the foundation of our world’s future. We believe the opportunity for people to participate in creative activities and outlets can contribute to community growth, and help to build imagination, communication skills, confidence, self esteem, and critical thinking in each individual.


We are a community of creative minds, leaders and innovators joined together to promote the importance of creativity and imagination to the development of youth, and to provide more opportunities for students, as well as encouraging artists, dancers, musicians and more to share their passion with others. 

Our vision is to connect children, youth and adults with opportunities and outlets to learn and explore in a safe environment, both in-school and after-school hours (3-6pm), as well as supporting local artists, dancers, musicians and others to do what they love and share their passion with others. Ultimately, building a stronger and more inclusive community through collaboration, cooperation, and working towards a collective goal – paying it forward for the next generations.



Our goal is to make creative programs more available, accessible and affordable for youth of all ages and background, that runs after school between 3-5pm, once to twice per week depending on the need of each school. We ask for a small donation of from each student/family per session to help us cover partial cost of running the programs, and provide free admission for low-income families. Student registrations will be required in advance.


Through these programs, we will use art, dance, martial art, music and yoga as an outlet to teach students about important life skills such as dealing with anxieties and self regulation, and how to learn from failures and mistakes. The programs strive to cultivate and build on the following values: 

Trust, Inspire, Respect, Courage, Empower, Creativity, Tolerance, Self-worth, Confidence, Exploration, Community, Collaboration

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